Welcome to contact us!

Hejdeby Nickarve
308, 621 76 Visby

Telephone : 0736-46 44 93
E-mail: fbserv@gotlandica.se

Working hours:
Office: 07.00 - 21.00
Order: 07.00 - 21.00

Leading in our small company is: Björn-Erik Franzén who has his background in agriculture from birth and water purification in industry since the late 70's. Since 1997, the business has focused exclusively on Gotland. We have been gardening in organic form since 2002.

Since 2005, my wife Lena has been by my side. She works as a home language teacher in everything from kindergarten to high school level. In summer she helps with the garden and in winter she is a photographer and web designer for our cottage pages.