Our sommerhouses

A Friggebod in two floors with a bedroom in the attic and a kitchenette on the lower floor. With room for two beds, this cottage can accommodate a couple who want peace and quietness. Two single beds in the bedroom. Cook in the kitchenette where you als find fridge and freezer and sink next to the dining table.

If you are going to work on Gotland, we have the accommodation for you. Price by number of people. In order for us to know which cottage we are talking about, it is good if you use our number when communicating about rental alternatives. We have both names and numbers on them. We have the alternatives to Bondestugan.

It was 32 years ago that we moved from a wandering life on the mainland to Gotland, to a small farm with 13 hectares of land.

Organic farming and cottage rentals are now our business. We have been cultivating horticulture in organic form since 2002. The development is towards more berries and cottages, each with its own character. Sea buckthorn cultivation, which was established as a fun thing, turned out to have very great potential, which is why we are gradually expanding the area of ??the vitamin-rich berries. About 1000 sea buckthorn plants would now grow on our land. Unfortunately, there will probably not be more. the environment no longer seems to be the case. The strawberry area today is about 50,000 plants of the varieties Honeoy, Sonata, Salsa and Allegro, which is the last we planted in 2020! Sea buckthorn cultivation will be phased out as we are unable to provide them with the environment they require.

We have planted gooseberries on a trial basis, which is starting to yield results now. The blackberries gave a rich harvest but could not withstand transport. As soon as we sent something to the mainland, it became mold. Here at home, we could easily leave them for a week. Self-picking is the best for these delicacy berries. Last year there were no berries due to the drought!

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Cats and dogs are welcome to all our cottages!